Aqua Splash is the only Portuguese company specialized in designing, installing and constructing of Water Parks.

It is responsible for a major part of water fun parks built in Portugal. Aqua Splash offers full process solutions, from development of viability studies to the elaboration and general coordination of all projects, production, installation, assembly of the equipment and technical assistance in the construction of the developments.

Aqua Splash has an experienced technical staff in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Mechanic and Hydraulic Engineering as well as Construction. Our know how was aquired over the last two decades through our many projects, covering production of various kinds of aquatic fun equipment, aquatic play sets, water treatment, becoming a leader in the conception, figures and thematic objects production.

Our managing director, architect Cardim Evangelista was selected by the Public Works Ministry for the elaboration of “Decreto-Lei” 65/97 (government legislation concerning the requirements for the construction of Water Fun Parks in Portugal).