Specialized services in:

  • Architecture and Conceptual Site Plan Development of Water and Theme Parks;
  • Strategic Planning for Tourist Enterprises, Leisure, Recreation and Sports Centers;
  • Landscape and Water Technology / Outdoor and Indoor Design;
  • Civil, Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineering;
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Research;
  • Conception and Installation of Water Parks;
  • Manufacturing all kind of water slides for water and theme parks;
  • Production and installation of interactive play systems water equipments;
  • Playgrounds; Artificial Rocks;
  • Conception and Installation of Swimming and Leisure Pools, Lazy Rivers;
  • Waves and Surf Pools;
  • Installation of Water Treatment and Purification Systems Equipment;
  • Maintenance, Conservation, Technical and After Sales Assistance.
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Action Scope

Aqua Splash integrates most of the our services, either in the construction a Water Park or in the development of a specific service relative to construction viability, the definition of programs regarding design and coordination of various sectors, budgeting, production and installation.

Secondly it proceeds to the development of diverse projects of technical specialties regarding the construction, installation, which relates to equipment design, production, installation and assembly in workmanship, as well as coordination, technical assistance and supervision.

Our action always offers after-sales assistance as well as support to the operation and maintenance of the park. Aqua Splash also provides staff training in the firsts months of the water park. Most of times, Aqua Splash also provides assistance regarding marketing and management of the enterprise.

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Planning and coordination

Only a multi-subject and experienced team can respond to the different stages of development of the design, construction and instalation process of a water park to the deliver the project on time.

As key in planning and developing the implementation process of a Water Park, the achievement and approval of the Master Plan or sketches is fundamental in order to contemplate the main goals, dimension and articulation of each different planed section.

Due to the coordination of the various projects and the scale economy of several integrated activities, all enterprises under Aqua Splash’s responsibility are usually built within a 12 month, reflecting the cost of the project in its profitability and rapid return investment.

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Architecture and Design

The vast experience of Aqua Splash’s Architecture office in tourism, sports and urban planning projects, is reflected in the integration of complexity in its programs, the technical infrastructure and the quality of the design of equipment and construction.

Our ability and quality are revealed in the several works produced throughout its existence where coordination, design / construction and installation of the Water Park, integration of equipment strokes and articulation as well as functioning of the various sectors and infrastructure are shown through.

The design and installation of interactive thematic equipment which feature large part of the water parks such as "Anaconda", the "Loch Ness", the "Scorpio" are already themed icons in Aqua Splash’s water parks.

«Kutonoca» Water Park / Events Room
Enlargement / RTA Renovation
Indoor pool equipment
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Production and instalation

Most existing water play equipment in Portugal are designed and produced on the workshop of "Aqua Splash" by our specialists.

The diversity of the materials used for the design and calculation of stable structures, the "know-how" to manufacture with "hand lay-up" of polyesters, as well as the use of other materials provided, (such as, polychlorinated vinyl, polyurethanes and traditional materials) for the molding process, implies knowledge.

All equipment is carefully studied as interactive design pieces for an active leisure, especially regarding the youngest and not only as static or symbolic objects.

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Hydraulic and electromechanical

Aqua Splash takes particular attention in the development of design, installation and assembly of hydraulic and electromechanical equipment for treatment, recycling and power of water equipment, the importance of which, is essential in the operation of enterprises.

These facilities usually go unnoticed when, in fact, they are the "heart" of water venues.

Aqua Splash is responsible for the largest hydraulic and electromechanical treatment.

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